Feb 11, 2016

Forgotten secret of Victoria's Secret

Forgotten secret of Victoria's Secret
One day in kind 1970s, a man called Roy Raymond came to the department store to buy his wife lingerie for Valentine day. The experience of vising the female-oriented department was not pleasant at all; he could neither find any beautiful staff there which would be fit his taste nor get a good service, as the saleswoman treated him in a bad manner.
Later on while chatting with friends he realized that almost all of them had this unpleasant experience. The talks bought them to the point that there's no place in the city where man could buy lingerie without being treated as abnormal. This inspired Roy Raymond to create the most famous brand called Victoria's Secret. His idea was to open the store where men can easily buy beautiful underwear for their lovely ones, and not be ashamed on same time. In 1977 Roy Raymond founded Victoria's Secret brand and changed the entire fashion trend of lingerie, they became sexier and more sensual. For his baby-brand his choose a very special name Victoria for evoking the respectability towards the sensual underwear worn during Queen Victoria's era.
In 1977 Roy Raymond founded Victoria's Secret
The idea had a huge success, and Roy Raymond made half a million dollars in the first year of his brand. Soon he opened three more stores in California, which gave him 4 million dollars per year, but yet it was nearing bankruptcy, as they pay a huge amount of money for quality materials and ornaments. But everything changed when one day Leslie Wexner walked into Victoria's Secret store for the first time and decided to buy the business. He understood that this business could not only attract men but it could also be interesting for women.
The history of Victoria's Secret
Wexner saw Victoria's Secret potential and bought it from Raymon for 1 million dollars in 1982. Wexner redesigned the catalogues and started to charm the female audience too. Nowadays Victoria's Secret is one of the most successful brands, so buying Raymond's idea was the cleverest decision, made by Wexner. What happened to Raymond after all, unfortunately while Wexner and Victoria Secret's success grew, Ray Raymond found his life falling down. After selling the company he opened a new brand in the honor of his son, called My Child's Destiny, but very soon in 1986 he got bankrupt. After all this failures Ray and his wife got divorced and in 1993 Roy Raymond made a suicide by jumping from Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.