Mar 17, 2016

Backpack is an alternative to bottomless bag

bottomless bag
The trend of backpacks came back from 90s and the backpacks again filled the streets of cities. We should admit the fact that the backpacks gained their popularity because of today's life-rhythm. To travel with the backpack is very convenient; it has a huge space which you can fill with many necessary items.
This is a great alternative to female bottomless bags; but now you do not have to carry all the heavy staff in the hand, you just throw it on your shoulders and even don’t feel how heavy your bag is. Many brands represent their collections of backpacks for every taste and color.
alternative to bottomless bag
Women backpacks are presented in the variety of styles to suit different occasions. Moreover the backpacks can be worn on the evening receptions and the royal garden parties, with the office outfits and for sport activities. The designer didn’t stop just on the presentation of the backpacks to the fashion trends of 2016, but they also created a novelty: a bag - pack transformer, which can be worn anywhere. Well, already functional backpack becomes even more functional. You just undo the straps of the bag - pack transformer and wear it as an ordinary bag.