Mar 31, 2016

Fashion which never passes, Coco could create a lifelong trend

Fashion which never passes
Coco Chanel once said "I'm against the fashion that quickly passes, because I treat the issue as a male. I can’t see how people throw away the clothes just because the spring has come". Gabrielle Chanel in 1954 at the age of seventy came back to Paris from the Swiss emigration and introduced her first collection after fifteen years of silence. Many designers tried to sin against the purity of classical style, but it was only Chanel who succeeded. She always commented about her success in a very simple way by saying that the elegance in clothes should create freedom in movements.
Fashion which never passes
Thus, at the age 70, Coco Chanel started a new life. Again, this woman changed the fashion, making her style a dominant one. Coco Chanel was the idol for fashionistas of the time. The fashion of having a tan skin appeared just because of her. It happened by accident, in 1923, Coco Chanel got tanned during the cruise, and came to the Cannes Film Festival with darker skin, the fashionistas of the time started to follow her example. One of her novelties was perfume with a complex smell. Famous perfume "Chanel № 5" appeared in 1921, its author was a Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux. As an innovation Coco offered to the women the first synthesized perfume that did not repeat the smell of any flower.
The most famous novelty by Coco Chanel was the little black dress introduction to the fashion. You can wear it throughout the day, changing the look by adding various accessories.