Mar 22, 2016

Tie-dye tries to come-back, it’s again trendy

Tie-dye tries to come-back
This year New York fashion week, apart from the normal designer wear, accessories and beauty, is also going to acknowledge what is going-on in the world. Every summer season, tie-dye tries to come-back, and thanks to Japanese designers it is set to have a success. This year mood-altering tie dyes and trippy verbiage are in fashion again, it looks that they are reincarnated from kind 70s, this styles come together with even more intense and fun florals.
New York fashion week
By wearing this styles we are able to imagine a teenagers wildest imagination, and feel the ensuing colorful world. This year’s trend predominantly is inspiring us for more adventures, authentic 70s graphic posters are in trend! The collections, presented on London Fashion Week this year, showed us how to wear silk tie-dye dresses and how to work with unexpected details such as scarfs with punchy tie-dye prints for completing our everyday look.