Feb 28, 2016

Ciara's style of lady-panther

It is even difficult to say who is Ciara, is she dancer or singer, model or producer. She has amazing sense of taste that is why for many young girls she is an idol of fashion. She is fond of wearing expensive dresses and jewelry, but even her 35 $ New York City Athletic T-shirt became famous among teenagers, and after we saw how these sportive T-shirts in combination with light blue jeans became widespread. She always shares her photos on her Instagram account, showing her everyday looks, and thousands, no millions of people follow her glamour style. She likes mixing casual style with some classic details, like watches or bags. She proudly wears sportswear with high hills.
As Ciara is R'n'B singer she uses very often lots of massive accessories. In real life she prefers sporty looks, but for the red carpets she is always well-prepared, every year she looks gorgeous: beautiful dress, branded high hills, amazing makeup and beautiful hairstyle. She used to wear clothes from such famous brands as Martin Margiela, Louis Vuitton, Converse, Steve Madden, Versace, UGG, Adidas, Chanel, Georgio Armani, etc.
In 2015 she was chosen as the face of Cavalli's spring / summer music themed collection. Ciara looked fantastic even after her baby birth; she came back to her killing figure very quickly, just after four months.