Mar 23, 2016

Surprisingly Kivera Naynomis is an Armenian brand

Kivera Naynomis is an Armenian brand
To my surprise during my travel to Caucasus I found out amazing collection of Arevik Simonyan, famous in Russian designer with Armenian origin who presents Kivera Naynomis brand. Her style is something unique the synthesis of modern styles with national ornaments, I can proudly say that I was quite surprised with the quality of the seam. I liked her collection of evening dresses a lot. Arevik graduated the fashion design faculty of Moscow technological collage “ORT” in 2003, and since then has developed 5 individual collections, has participated in many international fashion contests, exhibitions and festivals.
Kivera Naynomis is an Armenian brand
Her first Armenian collection was presented on a stage covered with national handmade carpets and under the sound of folk drums music. In contrary to the national style interior, the collection had the sense of European complexity and elegance.In a very feminine collection of evening dresses she presents the ideal image of her heroine - capricious, mysterious, and at the same time powerful, but very delicate and feminine.
It seems that she is fond of satin and silk; she used these materials for making pale pearly floating skirts and frilled blouses. Her T-shirts look like pieces of arts with Armenian ethno- jewelry they make a special accent and show the whole Armenian nature with its color palettes.