Stay longer in gym with your favorite music

If you want to improve your workout and to fit yourself more motivated to stay longer in gym just in parallel listen the music.

YSL-A hero who saved Dior and then created his own brand

Finally I watched the movie «Yves Saint Laurent» produced in 2014

Every fashionista should have a cardigan

With what you can match your cardigan? This type of jacket should be in the wardrobe of any modern girl.

Ciara's style of lady-panther

It is even difficult to say who is Ciara, is she dancer or singer, model or producer.

First collection of Aleksander Siradekian on Paris fashion week

Russia-based Armenian creative designer Aleksander Siradekian presented his famous couture collection of glamour shoes on Paris Fashion Week.

Apr 8, 2016

The collaboration between Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest

The British brands Lazy OafThe British brands Lazy Oaf and The Ragged Priest this year will present a joint collection of jeans which will be held next week. This is the first collaboration between these two famous brands. Moreover The Ragged Priest doesn't have any previous experience of joint collections with other brands. The designers decided toreincarnate the favorite model of The Ragged Priestcalled «Mom jeans» - «Mother's Jeans» with high waist, which was very popular in 90sand decorate it with the drawings of Lazy Oaf cartoon kittens, bananas and pizza. The demonstration of the new collection will take place in the shopsof Lazy Oaf.

Sunglasses in Sicilian style by Dolce & Gabbana (Video)

Sunglasses in Sicilian style by Dolce & Gabbana
Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has released a new collection of frames for sunglasses. This year's collection was inspired by the colors of Sicily. The vintage line called Mama's Brocade presented glasses ornamented with jacquard patterns and floral applications in the form of red roses. Frames are made in several colors:brandy, chocolate and black.

Mar 31, 2016

Make benefit from a double use. Shirt transforms into skirt (Photo)

Make benefit from a double use
Summer finally is coming and the best thing about it is that you can wear whatever you want without being afraid of getting cold. If you have lots of dresses but you have got bored of them, just wear them in a different way, transform them!You can wear them with a t-shirt, and your dress will look like a skirt. Clothes-transformers perfectly fit the street style fashion. Moreover you can make a kind of cheating by transforming the shirt into a skirt, for transformation you will need a shirt two or three size bigger, your father’s one will be perfect for it.

Fashion which never passes, Coco could create a lifelong trend

Fashion which never passes
Coco Chanel once said "I'm against the fashion that quickly passes, because I treat the issue as a male. I can’t see how people throw away the clothes just because the spring has come". Gabrielle Chanel in 1954 at the age of seventy came back to Paris from the Swiss emigration and introduced her first collection after fifteen years of silence. Many designers tried to sin against the purity of classical style, but it was only Chanel who succeeded. She always commented about her success in a very simple way by saying that the elegance in clothes should create freedom in movements.
Fashion which never passes
Thus, at the age 70, Coco Chanel started a new life. Again, this woman changed the fashion, making her style a dominant one. Coco Chanel was the idol for fashionistas of the time. The fashion of having a tan skin appeared just because of her. It happened by accident, in 1923, Coco Chanel got tanned during the cruise, and came to the Cannes Film Festival with darker skin, the fashionistas of the time started to follow her example. One of her novelties was perfume with a complex smell. Famous perfume "Chanel № 5" appeared in 1921, its author was a Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux. As an innovation Coco offered to the women the first synthesized perfume that did not repeat the smell of any flower.
The most famous novelty by Coco Chanel was the little black dress introduction to the fashion. You can wear it throughout the day, changing the look by adding various accessories.

Mar 30, 2016

Unique jewelry is ethno jewelry

Unique jewelry is ethno jewelry
If you want a unique jewelry you should definitely choose jewelry made in ethno style, this is the synonym of the uniqueness. The vintage collections of the designers seem very much popular this year. The tribal jewelry in combination with contemporary elements looks like the artifact. This year the necklaces, the pendants and the rings in African style are very trendy. The ethno jewelry has not only the unique style but also the soul and the history. The tribal jewelry was used as a talisman for bringing good luck and happiness; people believe that this jewelry will protect them from the misfortunes. Nowadays it is still not only the beautiful piece of art but also it reflects the wearer’s taste and functional habits. Moreover the ethno jewelry looks perfect not only with evening dress up but also creates a rich look for your daily dress up.

Mar 25, 2016

Best smells of 2016, perfume brands (photos)

Best smells of 2016, perfume brands
Coco Chanel ones said «A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future». Perfume is not just an addition to your appearance or habit. Aroma, which is used for a long time is a part of a soul, it shows the character, goals and dreams. That is why it is important to be attentive in the selection of your ideal perfume. You should understand that you should choose not the fashion but the one which perfectly fit to your character, to your being. But, of course, you can always pick out some of the most popular and current trends in the world of perfumery. This year perfume industry dictate the removal of the boundaries between male and female smells, more and more well-known brands offer unisex fragrances.

Fashionable clothes in sporty style

Fashionable clothes in sporty style
Nowadays sport chic is in trend. So you can freely combine sneakers with feminine dresses and skirts and wear them outside of the gym. The main thing is not to forget that the hoodies, sweat pants and bomber should be combined with more casual things such as trench coat, boots and shirts. Sportive clothes prevail on the catwalks this year.
Running shoes can be worn with everything, even with the dresses. Sneakers in pastel colors or with floral print will be particularly relevant to the feminine dresses. Bomber is a must-have of the season. This summer jacket was created in the middle of the last century, for pilots. It has elastics on cuffs and waist. Today, it is a very popular clothing for day and for night go outs. For everyday go out you can choose other sportive clothes: T-shirts, «tennis» dresses and skirts. And of course do not forget about accessories. Backpacks are no longer associated with tourists and some models look quite feminine. Bright watch will be a great addition to your spring look: they do not necessarily have to be combined with the main colors of your outfit.